Charge Up Your Sales With Notch CX’ Smart Tools

This means CRM is accessible anytime, anywhere and you can monitor your sales team on the go from anywhere.

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Features of the sales module

Sales Planner
Plan schedules, get insights into client visits and meetings, and monitor sales rep activities. With Sales Planner you can accurately track sales visits, know when each meeting starts and ends, and get notes, pictures, and reports of meetings.

Pipeline Visilibity
See your organiztionwide performance at a glance. Identify loopholes early enough and fix them.

Sale’s Process Automation
Create your own customized sales process workflow or use a default one. Assign different workflows or specific ones across teams or products.

Close more deals and create invoices (one-off and recurring) for clients within the assigned credit limit and easily share with them via Notch.

Manage client subscriptions seamlessly via Notch and automatic reminders and invoices for renewals can be generated for you.

Sales Workflow Order
Easily manage transitions involved in the financial execution of sales via sales order workflow automation on Notch.

NotchCX Sales Features

Review customer satisfaction survey, agents and agents’ team performances, resolution time, ticket volume, etc. Your team can also improve their performances with this insight and align with organizational goals.

Knowledge Base
Give wings to your customers and they will be able to resolve technical issue with the support knowledge provided them and you can reduce your tickets and overhead cost on customer service.

Customer Feedback
NotchCX gathers customer feedback from your preferred support channels. Your agents will be able to handle feedback on a support environment. This also gives you insight into which channel is most utilized and which to focus on.

Social Media Feed
Monitor mentions and hashtags for your company from multiple social media effortlessly. Your social media feed will be available and updating live on NotchCX.

Provide sales services to clients via various multiple communication channels on notch.

Client Relationship
Effectively build stronger client relationship by managing their complaints and inquiries with a unique ticketing system.

NotchCX Sales Features

Credit Management
Gain the ability to create and manage client’s credit profile, credit types & categories. Assign credits to clients, define credit limit and easily track for collection.

Credit groups
Easily categorize customer cohorts into the same credit profile groups and each customer can only be in one credit group at a time to eliminate any confusion.

Lead Management
Keep track of all your leads to ensure they do not go cold and easily convert them.

Credit risk management
Rely on the data from NotchCX on client credit limit and category, to minimize credit risks on your business, as you cannot create invoices for customers with exceeded limit or receivable period.

Companies & Contacts
Securely store companies and contacts and make inferences from the potential of their verticals for well-directed marketing efforts and reduction of sales cycle.

Lead Intelligence
Rely on the leads scoring feature on Notch for industry and customer segmentation, for more efficient sales and business decisions.

NotchCX Sales Features

Periodic Targets
Effortlessly set periodic company-wide target and assign to individual salespersons and teams for them to meet.

Target vs Performance
Easily track and view your teams’ performances per KPI on NotchCX. You can know who needs help and identify the bottlenecks for solution.

Performance-based commission
Reward your teams and salespersons according to the extent to which they achieve their deliverables. Need not worry, NotchCX will automate it for you.

NotchCX Sales Features

User Management
Assign individual salespersons, teams, supervisors, etc. roles and permissions to enable them to create and view data that is vital for their productivity.

Enjoy integrations with multi-channels and business packages that simplifies your work.

Task Automation
Create and manage tasks for your team via WhatsApp (integration), Notch web and Mobile app, while they keep track and can be reminded via these channels.

Teams and Salesperson
Manage teams and individual performances, activities and pipelines in the simplest way via Notch.

Team’s Activities
Get insight on how an individual impacts he company. View their periodic activities and track their progress towards goals.

Mobile Application
Access and manage vital sales information on the go with your smart devices in real-time.

Document Library
Keep a business document repository safely on notch for individuals and teams.

NotchCX Sales Features
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